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Birthday Party Boat Hire London

Given the capacity of our boats, they are the perfect venue for hosting a Birthday Party on the Thames. Whether it be with friends, family or both, we can build a package to suit most budgets.

Everybody’s requirements are different so the best way to think about how to plan your event is by first hiring the appropriate boat as your chosen venue. Then comes the pier preference and times. Followed by whether you need catering or not and if so, whether it be informal or formal. Then the music, drinks and decorations are just left to consider.

Certainly, once invited, you’ll be sure to get lots of positive RSVPs when sending out your invitations….what better than hearing of a London Boat Cruise on the Thames for your Birthday Party?!  Add the illuminated Thames sights and it’s going to be the best party ever!

Send us an enquiry and we’ll be delighted to provide you with a quote.



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