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Below you can download our Insurance Certificates for each boat.

Wyndham                             High Society                    Employer’s

(PDF) Insurance Certificate for The WYNDHAM (PDF) Insurance Certificate - The High Society

Your safety, followed by your enjoyment is paramount to us!

All the boats and crew/staff satisfy the stringent legislation and requirements in order to hold an Operators Licence.

All the boats have public liability insurance and carry life support equipment to support their licensed number of passengers.

The Captains are licensed Watermen and hold Port of London qualifications in navigation and seamanship and ships’ radio licences. Other crew on board are qualified in life saving, sea survival, first aid and fire fighting.

All other staff have basic induction and familiarisation training including passenger control, man overboard procedures, fire alarm procedures, emergency evacuation and donning of life jackets.

Upon leaving the Pier, a safety briefing is given over the boat’s PA system at the beginning of each function, which includes details of the location of the life saving equipment and emergency procedures.

Other licenses from all the relevant bodies including the MCA (Marine & Coastguard Agency), PLA (Port of London Authority), LRS (London River Services) and the local council are held. These are all reviewed annually and are also subject to regular spot checks and inspections. All licenses held are displayed on our boats.

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