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Booking Procedure

  1. Make contact with us via telephone, email or online chat. Check availability and the suitability of our vessels. Our dedicated and experienced staff will assist you in ensuring you’re best matched with the most suitable vessel.
  2. Provisional booking – We fully understand that things can’t always be decided by one person. So, if you’re keen but need time to mull things over, ask to make a provisional booking. This gives you 7 days grace with no obligation should you wish not to proceed.
  3. Viewing – Whilst we try and make our website as clear and concise as possible, we appreciate that you may wish to view the boat(s) prior to booking. No problem. Ask to meet with one of the team and view the vessel in person.
  4. Booking confirmation & deposit – Fantastic, you wish to proceed. Upon hearing this excellent news, we will require a deposit; based on 25% of the charter fee. We will also require you to complete a booking form. You can either download it from our website or we’ll email it to you along with your invoice.
  5. Finalising your requirements – On receipt of the completed booking form and deposit, we will proceed to book your Piers. Once secured, you’ll be able to send out your invites etc. 2 weeks prior to your event we will contact you to discuss the final requirements including your minimum numbers, food/beverage/entertainment preferences etc. Your balance invoice is then issued and payment is required by return and must be prior to the event. You will receive a copy of the Crew’s final function sheet listing all your requirements and the instructions given to the staff on board.
  6. It’s party time – time for you and your guests to enjoy yourselves, safe in the capable hands of the Captain, his Crew and our attentive Staff.
  7. Spread the word – we’d be most grateful if you could tell your friends, family and colleagues about your fantastic experience with Thames Boats Ltd.

(PDF)         Booking Form (With Terms & Conditions)

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